About the foundation.

Our Mission

Agape Foundations, Inc. (AFI) is a faith-based, non-profit, public charity organization. We are dedicated to providing support, guidance and counseling services to individuals and families.

Board of Directors

CEO/Executive Director: Sherie R. Sims Mawusi, LCSW

President: Lena Baker Scott, M.S. C.S.A.C.

Vice President: Carol A. Cole, R.N., BSN, C.P.N.P.

Treasurer/Secretary: Sallie Baker, A.A.

Our Values

(AFI) is a catalyst for sustaining healthy individuals and families by addressing all aspects of an individuals life. This is the true restoration that can strengthen families and bring life long change.

“This is why we DO what we DO.”

We, at Agape Foundations, Inc., strive to help individuals achieve a more fulfilling life. We believe that when you give someone a fish, you are doing them a disservice. Instead, we teach our program participants to fish, so they can teach others. We go above and beyond (in terms of assistance) so they are able to obtain the needed services that they and their family so richly deserve.